Online Video Recordings
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PhD Dissertation:
"Ethnographic Videoconferencing, as Applied to
Songs/chants/dances/games of South Indian Children,
and Language Learning"

by Eric Miller
Folklore Program, University of Pennsylvania
(Philadelphia, USA)

Submitted and Approved in 2010

The 14 children's songs/chants/dances/games (as recorded in Vellambi, the research project's fieldwork village) are on this audio-video recording (10 minutes, 45 seconds).

Activities and Beginning Times

1) "One Stone"__ 0:04.
2) "One Garden"__0:50.
3) "One Pot"__1:18.
4) "Sandalwood Ash"__2:42.
5) "What Kind Of"__3:48.
6) "What Use?"__4:08.
7) "Please Give!"__4:20.
8) "Monkey Jumping"__5:57.
9) "Rolling"__6:18.
10) "A Fruit"__7:10.
11) "A Bunch"__7:40.
12) "Goat and Tiger"__8:54.
13) "Frog, Frog"__10:30.
14) "Tick, Tick"__10:36.

The texts of these activities, in Tamil and English, are in Chapter 4 of the Dissertation (pdf file, 3.5 MB).


In these online recordings of the research project's two post-fieldwork videoconferences, the image on the left side is from Chennai, and the image on the right side is from Philadelphia.

16 October 2004 Chennai-Philadelphia Videoconference --
2004 Videoconference (Part 1 of 2) (62 minutes).

2004 Videoconference (Part 2 of 2) (34 minutes).

15 October 2005 Chennai-Philadelphia Videoconference --
2005 Videoconference (Part 1 of 2) (60 minutes).

2005 Videoconference (Part 2 of 2) (45 minutes).


Two highlights of the 2004 videoconference are:

a)  Children from the two sides of the videoconference perform One Bucket of Water (Oru kudam thanni), a singing game, collaboratively: each site contributes a side of the arch.
2004 Videoconference (Part 1 of 2) (62 minutes) -- Begins at 21 minutes into the recording, and goes for 2 minutes. 

b)  One child from each side of the videoconference engages in a verbal exchange partly derived from Enna panni? (a question-and-answer chant).  There is coaching from adults on both sides. 
2004 Videoconference, Part 2 of 2 (34 minutes) -- Begins at 27 minutes and 30 seconds into the recording, and goes for 3 minutes. 


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