Storytelling Classes

for Children (7-12 years) and Teenagers

via Videoconference


Here is an article about our storytelling classes via videoconference: "Learn to Tell Tales with Online Classes", Deccan Chronicle, Chennai Chronicle section,  page 21 (21 May 2015).


Also: "Storytelling via Interactive Video?",  Indian Express, City section, page 3 (19 May 2016).




The duration of class sessions is usually 50 minutes.  One or more young people could attend a session.  Typically, sessions occur once a week, on the same day at the same time.  These sessions are booked in sets of four.  Skype and Google Hangout are two programs that can be used.


The content for this Training is the same as in physically-present Storytelling Classes for Children and Teenagers, as described here.


Please send questions (including regarding fees) and comments to Dr Eric at the contact info given here