Storytelling Training for Adults via Videoconference



Two articles relating to our storytelling training via videoconference are:


"Learn to Tell Tales with Online Classes", Deccan Chronicle, Chennai Chronicle section,  page 21 (21 May 2015).


"Storytelling via Interactive Video?",  Indian Express, City section, page 3 (19 May 2016).




Links to some recordings of videoconferences co-facilitated by Dr Eric Miller are here.




Two ways this training can be done are in sets of three or six videoconferences.  Skype, Google Hangout, and Apple Facetime are among the programs that can be used.


The duration of these videoconferences is approx 75 minutes.  They are often done once a week, on the same day at the same time.


Please enquire regarding fees.


If there might be additional workshop participants at additional sites, the payment from each participants is reduced.  The limit for these types of videoconferences is six people.  For larger groups, please call or e-mail.


The content for this training is the same as in physically-present storytelling workshops, as described here.  Dr Eric's article, "Storytelling in the Age of videoconferencing" is here.


This training can be customised to emphasise storytelling in relation to Teaching,  Business Communication,  Tribal Cultures,  Story-writing,  etc.  


In partnership with the East-West Center for Counselling, the WSI also offers training in "Storytelling and Healing", a field also known as "Therapeutic Uses of Storytelling", and "Storytelling Therapy". Workshop info is here.


In addition to the videoconference meetings, this training also involves e-mails, online reading and writing assignments, and storytelling practice-activities.


In relation to all of the above, participants are also coached to give this training to others (in-person and via videoconference).  In other words, Dr Eric specialises in training people to be stotytelling trainers.


Please send questions and comments to Dr Eric at the contact info given here